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making news in america this morning -- >> the u.s. gets ready to hand off the mission in libya, after president obama makes his case to the nation, that military intervention was necessary. from california, a sliding hillside puts homes in danger. families told to get out before their houses tumbled down. and the drastic measures taken by one teen who wanted a new car. wait until you hear what she did to get it. and good morning, everyone. thanks for being with us today. president obama takes his case for military action against libya on the road today. it will be part of a major
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speech that mr. obama gives later today. >> right here in new york. >> and last night, the president spoke to the nation to defend his choices and also to announce that nato will take over the lead role tomorrow. emily schmidt is joining us from washington with all the details. good morning, emily. >> reporter: peggy and rob, good morning to you. before president obama used the word libya last night, he said the words international effort. and he said the world had had a responsibility to act. president obama, explaining the u.s. involvement in libya, said it was the right thing to do. >> the united states and the world faced a choice. gadhafi declared he would show no mercy to his own people. it was not in our national interest to let that happen. i refused to let that happen. >> reporter: mr. obama said in ten days, the coalition stopped moammar gadhafi's advance, doing so without u.s. ground troops and with a full transfer of power to nato tomorrow. in fact, just hours after the
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president's speech, secretary of state hillary clinton arrived in london, for an international conference about libya. president obama said broadening the mission to include a regime change would be a mistake. >> we are now fighting on the side of the pro -- the anti-gadhafi rebels. we are paving a way for them. he should acknowledge that. >> reporter: libyan rebels have recaptured all of the area they lost over a week. they're within 60 miles of moammar gadhafi's hometown. this man said, god willing, the rebels will make sirte. >> whatever people long to be free, they will find a friend in the united states. >> reporter: critics say, that's too broad of a mission. >> america is now the policeman of the world again. as our executive defines when we have to go in. and i think that's a really dangerous position for us to be in as a nation. >> reporter: defense officials say the price tag for just the first week of military operations in libya topped $600
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million. but president obama said last night, once nato takes over the cost to taxpayers will be reduced significantly. peggy? >> emily schmidt in washington this morn. we'll get answers from the president today, when he sits down with our diane sawyer. you can see diane's one-on-one interview with mr. obama this evening on "world news." now, turning to the affects of political unrest in two other middle eastern countries. major changes could be coming to syria, where at least 61 people have been killed in anti-government protests there. the president is expected to announce a state of emergency in effect for the past 50 years is being lifted. he is expected to undo other restrictions of political and civil liberties. it is another day of demonstrations in yemen. anti-government protesters were in the streets of the capital yesterday after the president changed his mind about stepping down by the end of the year. ali abdullah saleh is seen as a key ally in the u.s. war on
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terror. more residents in the san francisco area are being forced to find another place to live as their homes continue to slide downhill. four houses saturated in hercules, california, have been deemed unsafe. several other homes were tagged there last week. the city is now considering declaring a state of emergency. now, for this morning's weather around from the nation. baseball-sized hail and heavy downpours in houston, dallas and shreveport. some thunderstorms from miami to jacksonville. snowshowers in the dakotas and northern rockies. and rain and mountain snow in the pacific northwest. >> and 50s from seattle to colorado springs. 36 in fargo. 41 in minneapolis. and 49 in kansas city. a hot 85 degrees in miami. and 46 here in new york. unbelievable story here. the forecast for a ft. myers, florida, 17-year-old was pretty bright. an honors student at a private school.
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slip offers from several ivy league colleges, too. >> she is now accused of pistol-whipping her mother because she wanted a sports car. megan smith has the bizarre story. >> reporter: this certainly isn't a yearbook picture of rachel. the honor student is accused of a brutal, very bizarre crime. the county deputy says the teen wanted a 350 z convertible in a bad way. >> she did her research on the car. got the facts on the vehicle. found out she couldn't get approved by herself. >> reporter: shawn remembers rachel well. >> for a 17-year-old, she was pretty persistent. >> reporter: he tells us the teen came to the dealership with her eye on the convertible. but she couldn't get approved for a loan. that's when she called her mom. deputies say the teen left angry that her mother wouldn't sign for her. when she got home, they say she pulled out a gun, pistol-whipped
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her gun and made her drive to the dealership and sign for the car. >> mom was in a hurry. she just wanted to sign the paperwork and go. >> reporter: deputies say the mom was scared to call 911 and waited until the next day. according to the arrest report, the mother didn't want to press charges because she says her daughter is an honor student, who has been recently accepted to several ivy league colleges on scholarships. deputies say the gun was stolen during a burglary last year. >> the gun was stolen from an airport police officer. >> reporter: the teen is facing serious charges. her mother wouldn't talk to us. >> wow. rachel has drawn for her prep school. but there's no word about her college acceptances or her scholarship offers. >> should be an impact there. and a hollywood, florida, homeowner is ruffling feathers in his upscale neighborhood, by refusing to remove his backyard chicken coop. >> steve cohen says his 16
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chickens are pets. but his neighbors call them an unbearable nuisance and are suing to have the birds removed from the property. and the judge in the case actually visited the property. >> i can't live like this. and to be perfectly honest, there's no reason why i should live like this. >> they are beloved pets. they are a wonderful opportunity for mitchell to gain responsibility and care for them. they are a source of very fresh eggs. they are a source of fertilizer for all of my plants and trees. >> the judge in the case has visited the property. but she has yet to issue an order forcing the chickens to be removed. coming up, more bad news. if you're stopping by the gas station this morning, prices are rising yet again. it's part of your business news coming up. and the latest on the nuclear crisis in japan. anger, now growing over how those in charge are dealing with the ongoing disaster.
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and welcome back, everybody. time, now, for a check of market activities starting overseas. tokyo's nikkei average slipped 0.2% today. hong kong's hang seng is essentially unchanged. and in london, the ftse opened higher. on wall street, the dow dropped nearly 23 points yesterday. meanwhile, the nasdaq fell 12 points. well, another week, another increase in gas prices. the seventh-straight increase. the national average rose to
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$3.60 per gallon in the last week. that's up 3 cents from last week and 80 cents from a year ago. prices are at their highest level since september 2008. this, in part because of the turmoil in the middle east and also the japan earthquake. and that disaster in japan is also limiting your options if you're in the market for a new car. many buyers will have limited color choices for at least a month. that's because of plant damaged by the quake is the only source of a shine nay pigment used in many car paint colors. one of those colors is actually tuxedo black, available on the best-selling ford f-150. the supreme court hears arguments in the largest job discrimination lawsuit ever. the court will determine whether the case against walmart can go forward as a class-action suit that could involve as many as 1.5 million women. the plain tiffs argue that the walmart paid men more and promoted them faster.
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we are one month away from the royal wedding and the british have found another way to mark the day. >> the stamps of engagement portraits of prince william and kate middleton. they go on sail april 21st, one week before the big day. >> one month away. the count down is on. when we come back, a young man showing extraordinary poise and courtesy in a 911 call. and the flight that did not end as it was supposed to. take a look at that. everybody's okay, though. stick around for the story. today we'e going to surprise people with the taste of activia. that' good. #wow. this is really good. great flavor! it's eally creamy, it's really tasty. ooh! wow! jamie lee curtis! it's acivia! it' delicious. i am shocked. it's had to believe it')s that good for you. it's so goo. try the fabulous taste of activia today. taste it, love it, or it's free!
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and wet on i-5, from seattle to portland. >> and if you're flying today, you can expect some possible airport delays in dallas, houston, new orleans and miami. well, it has been more than two weeks, now, since the earthquake and tsunami. and there's no end in sight for the problems, particularly at the damaged nuclear power plant. >> as you can damage, there's a lot of finger-pointing in terms of how the disaster has been handled. diana alvear joins us now with more. >> reporter: rob and peggy, good morning. the news out of japan is getting worse and worse. workers are continuing to struggle to stabilize those nuclear reactors and it's just not working. and there's a crisis in the nation, because of one big mistake on the part of the company. after weeks of uncertainty and confusion, many japanese have had enough. no more fukushima, they chant during a protest. this person says, we should not have had nuclear plants from the beginning. the sense of fear over the
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stricken fukushima facility is growing. trays of plutonium has been found in the soil outside oaf the plant. tepco says it's not from the plant. new video shows smoke billowing from reactors two and three, the reactors that officials acknowledged have damaged fuel rods and may be partially melting down. highly radioactive water is spreading into a ditch, spreading to reactors two and three. company officials confirmed some of that liquid has seeped into sea water. tepco is also struggling to maintain its credibility. >> the water contains 10 million-times the usual level of radioactive substances. >> reporter: it was a mistake. tepco retracted its own report on sunday. but the government blasted the company. such a mistake is not something that should be forgiven or acceptable. and some experts say it might be time for tepco to let someone else take over. >> i think they should be removed from leadership. a team of top scientists put in
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charge, with the authority to call out the japanese military. >> reporter: trace amounts of radiation was detected on the west coast and in one sample of rainwater from massachusetts. in both cases, officials say there's nothing the public should be concerned about. rob? peggy? >> all right. thank you. the pilot of a vintage plane and his passenger are just fine this morning, despite a mishap before an auto race in florida. look at this t-28 war bird. it was having mechanical difficulties. and the pilot tried to land back at the airport. no such luck. the navy trainer crashed into the water. the pilot and passenger were rescued with only minor injuries. and the race went ahead as scheduled. with all of the excitement of march madness out there, it's a little tough to remember sometimes there's a women's ncaa basketball tournament going on, as well. we have highlights from last night, now, from espn news. >> good morning. cole wright with your espn news update. and with eight teams left, someone had to go to the final four. who would it be?
4:18 am
gonzaga facing stanford in the elite eight. courtney bannerson says let's make it a five-point affair. in the second half, almost loses the rock. she gets the short jumper to fall through. she had 23 and 12. later in the second, her sister, driving in the lane and in. stanford, they win this one, 83-60. notre dame, fighting irish, 0-2, all-time. pat summer and the lady vols up a pair. she scores. megan simmons is called for the foul. 8-4, notre dame, she went to the bench. time running out. spani gets the three ball. under five left in this one. diggins, another three. diggins, 24 points. later on, it's deborah peters. irish up by ten. they win 73-59. they're going to indy. time for the magic and knicks. melo called this one a must-win
4:19 am
on monday evening. ten seconds to go in the action. it's j. rich. you don't get nicknamed if you're not good. he buried the three to tie things at 100-100. anthony, drives the lane. and this play, looks like one drawn up in the schoolyard. the tip, no good. we head to free hoops, also known as overtime. in the free frame, knicks up a pair. mr. big shot gets the ball to anthony. he was finished, nicely. 39 points, 10 boards. the knicks win 113-106. that's going to do it for us here on espn news. don't forget, for more, check out "the highlight express." until then, i'm cole wright. hats off this morning to a youngster from the new york city suburb of dare on, connecticut. >> this is incredible. tucker stoops called 911 when his babysitter had trouble breathing. >> the kid remained remarkably calm and even courteous. take a listen. >> hello. my babysitter is having a hard time breathing, i think.
4:20 am
>> okay. how old are you? >> i'm 10 years old. >> okay. can she talk? >> um, no. she keeps -- >> was she eating or anything before like that? >> i don't think so. >> you're doing a great job. just stay on the line with me, okay? >> okay. >> just stay on the phone. are you with your babysitter right now? >> yes. and excuse me, sir. can i call my dad? >> just stay on the phone, okay? the officers will help you call your dad. okay? >> yes, sir. >> unbelievable. wouldn't you love if that was your child? how proud you would be. >> so cool and calm. >> tucker and his younger sister who was home at the time, will be honored in darion on thursday. doctors say the babysitter would have died if the kid had waited a few more minutes to call for help. >> lucky babysitter. it's good to hear. coming up next, the stories we'll be following later today, including the march of libya's rebel forces. also, what are the nation's best hospitals? we'll get a new answer to that best hospitals? we'll get a new answer to that question today. j?j?j?j?j?j?j?j? j?j?j?j?j?j?j?j?j?j?j?j?j?j?j?j?
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and i do. i make sure that h does it. [ male announcer ] aspirin is ot appropriate for everyone, so be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ mike ] i encourage everyone !to listen to the doctor. and take it seriously. [ male announcer ] learn more p about protecting your heart at and now, a look ahead to the stories we'll be watching on this tuesday. aided by international firepower, rebels are advancing on the libyan capital, tripoli. secretary of state hillary clinton hk meets with top officials from 30 european countries, to discuss libya. and the president of syria is expected to announce that 50
4:24 am
years of emergency rule in the country will be lifted. that's a concession to anti-government protests, which have rocked the repressive country for weeks. the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments today to decide if the largest job discrimination lawsuit ever can go forward. walmart is being sued by current and former female employees who claim they were paid less than men and not promoted as quickly. fresh from making his case for u.s. involvement in libya, president obama visits new york city today. he'll participate in the dedication of a building at the u.n., named for late u.s. commerce secretary, ron brown. reuters is out today with its list of the best hospitals in the u.s. half of the winners are located in the u.s. and lebron james returned to cleveland tonight to take on his old team for the second time this season. james faced a bitter reception from the former fans as he helped miami beat the cavs. he's not too concerned. quote, it can't get worse than
4:25 am
it was. >> that's true. for some of you now, your local news is coming up next. >> for everybody else, we'll be back with a scary situation for a couple youngsters. [ female announcer ] sometimes you need tomorrow to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. motrin pm. >> ( beeping, beeping stops ) >> announcer: free is better. do your simple return for free
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for me, pristiq is a key in helping to treat my depression. ask your doctor about pristiq. well, it was almost a
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tragedy in eastern washington state. a group of children was playing in the mud in the town of medical lake. >> two of the kids, a boy and the girl, became stuck as if the mud was quick sand. collin o'brien of ksay picks up the story. >> reporter: brothers calleb and andrew were out for an afternoon of adventuring with friends when they found this. a mud pit so big, no kid could resist. >> it looks fun. >> reporter: and it was, briefly. >> katie and karl were in, like, the middle, where they started sinking. my shoe got stuck. >> reporter: that's when everything changed. andrew bravely pulled karl out of the mud. then -- >> i was, like, trying to walk in there to get over to katie to try to pull her out. and i started sinking more. >> reporter: he was stuck. >> up to about right here. >> reporter: brother, calleb, sprung into action. >> i ran up the rock. and then, i ran up to the second
4:29 am
house over there. and that's where larry was. >> one of the kids came running across the street, yelling mister, mister, there's some kids in trouble here. >> reporter: larry pilchear couldn't believe what he saw. he called 911. >> they were stuck in there. they were sucked right into that thing. >> they tried to pull me out. but they had to dig like that deep to get my legs out. >> reporter: it took 20 minutes to unstick katie and andrew. they were slightly hyperthermic and a little banged up. >> here, here and here. >> reporter: but they were alive. the lesson. >> to stay away from mud. >> reporter: there was fencing, emergency tape around it. that came after the kids were pulled out of the mud. it was open. there were no signs to tell them to keep out. but they put those up just in case any other kids stumbled

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